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Communicating during a divorce to sell the home

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2019 | Divorce |

For many divorcing couples in Illinois, selling their house is a major milestone during the divorce process. Selling the house means that they can start to take steps to prepare for their life after divorce, such as purchasing a new home. Some of the proceeds from the divorce may be used to cover debts or allow either party to care for other financial obligations.

Selling a house while going through a divorce means that the divorcing couple is going to have to find a way to get on the same page. They need to be able to look past the disagreements that they have with each other and realize that being able to sell the home is a major step in setting them up for after the divorce.

There are a number of factors that require communication. For example, how is the house going to be set up during the time it is on the market? The house needs to look attractive so that people will want to purchase it. This means that the divorcing individuals need to agree upon what items they’re going to leave in the home. If the home is left looking overly sparse, it’s not going to be as attractive as if it were nicely decorated.

To get the most money out of the home, a divorcing couple is going to need to make repairs. It might be something minor like painting the walls, cleaning the carpet or making repairs to damaged tile. These repairs cost money, and the divorcing parties are going to have to agree on where that money comes from and what repairs will need to be done.

A family law attorney may be a source of helpful information for a divorcing individual who needs assistance understanding property division, asset valuation and how to divide shared accounts. The attorney may be able to provide practical information on other financial issues that will arise during and after the divorce process.