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Relationship interactions can lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2019 | Divorce |

There are a number of reasons why couples in Illinois decide to divorce, and in most cases, there are multiple causes for a separation. Counselors and other experts have identified marital issues that are more likely to lead to divorce. For example, some point out that contempt directed toward one spouse from the other is a key sign of a marriage that is on the road to an end. When people resent their spouses or look down on them, it can affect all of the interactions between the couple. Fundamentally, the spouses no longer like each other, and almost everything can be viewed through a negative light.

There are other factors that can also lead to relationship problems. Of course, major events like infidelity or addiction can cause a divorce, but many other factors act slowly over time to undermine the trust and love that exists in a marriage. Conflict avoidance can be one such problem. When issues arise, both spouses may want to avoid arguments or difficult conversations by evading the issue. However, failing to deal with the underlying problem can increase emotional distance.

In other cases, invalidation is a significant factor in the end of a marriage. It can be easy for people to invalidate each other’s opinions over seemingly small matters. For example, one person may tell the other that the weather isn’t that bad or a task is not that difficult. While each instance may not be a major issue, over time, this behavior can lead to one spouse feeling unheard.

These emotional factors can undermine even previously strong relationships and lead to divorce being the right decision for these couples. A family law attorney may advise a divorcing spouse about the legal matters that accompany the decision, including property division and spousal support.