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Steps toward distraction-free driving

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2019 | Personal Injury |

While it is not possible to be entirely free of distractions on the road, drivers in Illinois will want to consider the following tips since they address the most common diversions. Among these distractions are phone use, eating and holding conversations with multiple passengers. The solution to the first two disruptions is simple. Avoid them.

Phones should be set to Do Not Disturb mode, and drivers who need to make an emergency call can do so after they have safely pulled over. People are advised to not even use hands-free devices. Drivers could consider a no-eating policy in their car since it can sometimes lead to a commotion among the younger passengers or a spill.

The third danger, distracting conversations, can be avoided by limiting the number of passengers one allows in the vehicle. This is something that parents should talk about with their teenage children since teens can get rowdy, and teen drivers are relatively inexperienced. Car accident rates are the highest among teens.

A final safety risk to watch out for is drowsiness. Signs of tiredness include constant yawning, trouble focusing and the inability to stay in one’s own lane. Its cause is lack of sleep, and its contributing factors range from sleep disorders to shift work. Rather than driving drowsy, one could call a ridesharing service.

In the event that a distracted driver injures someone, the victim may initiate a personal injury case. In this state, someone may pursue a case regardless of his or her degree of fault, although the higher one’s degree of fault, the lower the amount will be. Since auto insurance companies fight most claims with a legal team, victims may want legal representation of their own before filing. If negotiations fail to produce a fair settlement, victims may prepare for a courtroom trial.