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The role of lighting in stairway slip-and-fall injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2020 | Personal Injury |

When people think of a slip-and-fall incident, they will likely picture someone walking through an icy parking lot or encountering a puddle inside a business. Fewer people will think about the potential to slip and fall in a stairway, even though such accidents can produce dramatic and  even life-threatening injuries.

Slip-and-fall incidents in stairwells can and do it happen, and the maintenance of the facilities around the stairway can play a direct role in the likelihood that someone would experience a slip-and-fall and wind up severely hurt.

Low visibility memes that people can’t see where they’re going

As common sense as it may seem, property managers and landlords don’t always stop to think about how the lack of lighting in a stairway can present a substantial danger to the public. Although most stairs tend to be uniform sizes, which means people could possibly negotiate them in total darkness by feel alone, attempting to travel a set of stairs when you can’t see well is quite dangerous.

Not only will people not be able to notice spilled items or accumulated liquid on the floor without lighting in a stairwell, but they also won’t know if there’s a gap in the handrail or some other issue that could lead to them losing their balance and tumbling down. Proper lighting helps people stay aware of their surroundings which thereby reduces their likelihood of an accident and a resulting injury, and landlords and property owners should ensure stairs remain well-lighted for safety’s sake.

Anyone who gets seriously hurt in a stairwell without lighting may have grounds to bring a premises liability claim against the owner or property manager who failed to maintain safe facilities.