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Misconceptions people have about divorce

| Jun 16, 2020 | Divorce |

Entering a divorce case with some misconceptions about the process can make it harder than it needs to be. Unfortunately, many people get second-hand information or believe common myths, which are hard to break when they’re already getting divorced.

In order to help, here are some misconceptions about divorce and the realities:

  • Someone has to be at fault: Actually, many couples break up without any big event or anyone being at fault. They just drift apart and decide to move on.
  • Your divorce will look just like your friend’s divorce: People often cite conversations they’ve had with friends about what to expect, but the truth is that it is different for everyone.
  • It’s better to stay together for the kids: This is simply not true in all cases. Children typically fare better when their parents are happier after divorce, and then you have clear cases where divorce is better if the children’s safety is in question.
  • You can get through divorce very quickly: It may only take an evening to get married, but it can take months to get divorced. For some, it takes years.
  • You won’t feel sad if you asked for the divorce: You may. There is a natural grieving process when a marriage ends. That doesn’t mean you were wrong to ask for the divorce, but it just means you are reacting to this major change in your life. Even if that is a positive change, that doesn’t mean it’s always a happy experience.

These are just a few common misconceptions that show why it’s so important to work with an experienced legal team that can provide you with the accurate information you need.