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If you want to “win” your divorce, know what a win looks like

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2020 | Divorce |

Many people struggle with their divorces. It’s just true that divorce is complex and often has emotions involved. You’re ending a relationship that you thought would last, so it makes sense that you would be disappointed and hurt.

One thing attorneys often hear is a person saying that they want to “win” their divorce case. In most situations, however, the goal should be to find a settlement that you and your ex-spouse agree one. If you must set your goal to somehow leave your spouse defeated, it’s important for you to know what winning actually means to you.

For some people, winning their case may mean getting half of all their marital assets. For another person, winning might mean going to court and having a judge rule in favor of the custody agreement they want to set up. To win your case, you need to think about what your goals are. Your attorney will then work with you to try to make those goals into a reality so that you feel that you are getting everything you needed out of your divorce.

If your divorce is contested, it just means that you’ll likely end up before a judge waiting for him or her to make decisions about the case. Whether you have one issue you can’t agree on or multiple issues for the judge, you’ll want to have good representation if you do decide to go to court because of your divorce. If you want to “win,” remember that a judge takes away all of your power to negotiate. You may want to consider settling, so you get a guaranteed outcome that you can be satisfied with.