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Holidays with the children are not the same after divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2020 | Family Law |

Taking your children on holiday becomes more complicated when you divorce. When you divorce, you need to draw up a parenting plan detailing how you and your ex will split time with your children. One thing many parents struggle to work out is how to share the children’s holidays.

Most families build traditions over time. Perhaps you always spent Christmas Day with your side of the family. Once you divorce, your spouse may want to take the kids to her family’s home for Christmas — and you may feel the same. You need to work out a way to divide such things fairly.

Your ability to book last minute holidays will also be affected. However cheap that deal to Hawaii is, and however few spaces are left, you cannot book it without your ex’s permission if she is due to have the kids that week. Learning to plan ahead and negotiate with your ex is essential.

Leaving the country with your child will require written notarized permission from your ex-spouse. It is standard practice on most borders worldwide due to the fear that parents may take a child out of the country and not return. It’s also the best way to protect yourself from unfair accusations. Some parents have found themselves accused by their ex of stealing their children just for crossing the state line.

The better you and your ex can communicate, the easier things will be. If you can be flexible with each other, it will make your lives and those of your children more straightforward. Remember, parenting time is not about what you or the other parent want. It is about what is best for your children. If your kids have the opportunity to travel without you, be glad for them.