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Common injury dangers associated with poorly lit parking lots

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Stop and think for a minute how you feel when you walk in to a parking lot after leaving work, the store or your apartment complex when it’s pitch black outside. What do you fear most in situations like these? Some dangers are more realistic than others.

Your risk of becoming a crime victim

Most criminals prefer to commit their crimes in relative obscurity. Therefore, they gravitate to dimly or unlit parking lots, especially if they have a decent flow of people and offer a cover of darkness. Data compiled by one lighting company shows that at least 10% of crimes that occur in parking lots are auto thefts. A person’s chances of becoming the victim of a carjacking, robbery, assault or murder in a poorly lit parking lot or parking garage are also high, especially if there aren’t any security guards or cameras in addition to little or no lighting.

Injury risks resulting from maintenance issues in poorly lit parking lots

It’s a property owner’s responsibility to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition. Ensuring that they fill in potholes and handle cracked or uneven pavement issues are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of their maintenance responsibilities. Most Chicago-area property owners also must keep up with shoveling snow and melting ice on their premises. The combination of pavement issues, weather conditions and poor lighting can collectively make for a dangerous mix.

How poor lighting can lead to car accidents

A third danger associated with poorly lit parking lots is motor vehicle accidents. Inadequate placement or ineffective lighting design can both cause blind spots and shadows to appear. These can make it difficult for a motorist to assess what lies in front of them, including pedestrians.

What to do if poor lighting resulted in injury

Building owners often know that their lighting is inadequate, but they don’t want to pay the extra expense to improve it or to get a security guard to make the area safer.  Neither one of these factors are valid excuses for their negligence, especially if someone gets hurt on their property, though. An experienced attorney can help you work to recover damages for any injuries that you suffered due to a property owner’s inadequate lighting.