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Why do people call January “divorce month”?

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2020 | Divorce |

Some people feel a bit of a slump in January when midwinter blues hit and the glow of the holidays finally fades away. Despite being the first month and a promising New Year, January often gets a bad rap because of its association with bad weather and the post-holiday blues.

As if that weren’t bad enough, people have started to call January “divorce month.” Not many people line up in court to get their divorces finalized in January. However, a staggering number of people initiate divorce proceedings or start consulting with an attorney for the first time in January. Why has January become divorce month?

Taxes and gift debt can be a wake-up call

If you suddenly realize how much your spouse has racked up in credit card debt last month, it might make you feel angry and frustrated, especially if you agreed to a budget. Similarly, the stress of filing taxes might make you re-evaluate your financial situation and want to make some big changes.

For some, holiday stress is the breaking point

The holidays are stressful for everyone, but for couples already struggling with their marriage, a rocky holiday season might push things to a point of no return. Whether your spouse once again forgot to get gifts for anyone or got drunk, inconsiderate behavior might lead to resentment.

On the other hand, you may just be acutely aware of how unhappy you are in your relationship when forced to put on a show for the holidays. With the approach of the New Year, some people may decide that the one way to improve their life is to change their most intimate relationship.

People just want to wait until after the holidays

The holidays are hard when your marriage isn’t going well, but that stress isn’t the biggest reason that people file in January.

Arguably, January becomes so busy for divorce filing because quite a few people wait until after the holiday season to make a big change in their lives. They don’t want to ruin the holidays for their kids or make their divorce the main topic of conversation. Still others might get inspired by the New Year to make changes.

Regardless of the reason why, those thinking about a divorce in the next year will likely benefit from talking about their plans with a professional before they make any drastic moves at home.