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Don’t put your divorce on social media

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2021 | Divorce |

Your divorce may eventually work its way onto social media. If your profiles say that you’re married and are linked to your spouse’s, that’s going to change when you split up. However, you want to keep as much of the divorce off of social media as you can. 

For most people, avoiding social media altogether isn’t practical. Instead, however, you can still exercise caution and adhere to some basic rules for what you do post online.

Avoid these posts during your divorce

Some couples do find it helpful to post a careful, calm message telling others that they’re splitting up. That keeps them from having to have the same conversation over and over in the future. Even if you choose to go that route, though, avoid any posts that:

  • Could be seen as attacking your ex
  • Make it appear that you’re anything but an ideal parent
  • Show that you’ve quickly moved on to a new relationship
  • Get too personal
  • Allow insight into your personal assets and finances
  • Make it appear that you’re not coping well

What you need to remember is that these posts can come back to haunt you. For example, imagine that you’re trying to get joint custody of your children, and your ex wants sole custody. Pictures of you with alcohol in hand at a party when you’re supposed to be taking care of the kids could easily make the court doubt that you’re a reliable caretaker.

Navigating your divorce can be difficult

This is merely one example of how social media can hurt your case. Working with an experienced firm can help you navigate that divorce smoothly and avoid unexpected problems. While getting through a divorce can be difficult, it’s also the first step toward a brighter future.