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Why are dog bites so likely to get infected?

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2022 | Personal Injury |

It is certainly true that a dog bite can be a devastating injury, even without infection. This is especially true for those who suffer bites to the face or other visible areas. Dog bites can also lead to extreme pain, excessive blood loss and many other complications.

At the same time, it is well known that dog bites are more likely to get infected. This can cause the wound to be much more severe than it would have been otherwise, and it can lead to complications that may put someone in the hospital. For example, some infections lead to sepsis, which can be fatal.

The danger of puncture wounds.

The reason for the high infection rate is, in part, that dog bites tend to be puncture wounds. These are deep wounds that damage lower tissues, and they go far beyond the top layers of your skin, where they’re easy to clean. Puncture wounds, by contrast, are very difficult to clean and notorious for trapping debris and bacteria within them. It is often these trapped particles that lead to the eventual infection.

Another problem to consider is that it’s harder to clean puncture wounds. Many people will simply clean a dog bite at home and not realize that they haven’t done enough to remove all the debris. Since dog bites are also less likely to bleed, you do not get the benefit of this natural cleaning of the wound.

What should you do?

Cleaning the wound promptly is still very important. Depending on the severity of the bite, you need to clean it and get any excessive bleeding to stop. It’s simply important to understand that cleaning it yourself may be difficult and may not prevent an infection. You can start with at-home treatment and then you can then seek out medical attention from professionals, if necessary.

 Do you need compensation for high medical bills?

All of these complications work together to lead to the high infection rate. Be sure you know what options you have if you have suffered such an injury.