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More people divorcing later in life

In Illinois and across the country, more people are choosing to divorce later in life. In the past 20 years, the rate of divorce for people older than 50 has more than doubled. This change has come even as divorce rates in other demographics, especially among young people, have actually declined. While only 10% of people filing for divorce in 1990 were over the age of 50, that percentage had reached 25% by 2010. The number has continued to rise since that time. There are many factors that have contributed to the rise in older divorces, often referred to as "gray divorces".

Finances are a major consideration in divorce

If a marriage begins to experience some rough times, spouses may decide that divorce is the best path to take. It may seem obvious to then begin the dissolution process at this point. However, matters are not always that simple under Illinois laws concerning the rights and responsibilities of the parties in a divorce.

Kevin Garnett's estranged wife challenging prenup in divorce

Illinois basketball fans may be interested to learn that former NBA star Kevin Garnett's estranged wife is challenging their prenuptial agreement in divorce court. However, Garnett has petitioned the court to schedule a hearing to enforce the agreement.

Mistakes divorced parents can make when co-parenting teens

Divorce is not easy for anyone involved, but it might be especially difficult for teenagers who are already going through their own struggles as they navigate the waters of adolescence. On top of dealing with physical and hormonal changes that can be stressful for a young person, handling divorce can shake up a teen's world.

Relationship interactions can lead to divorce

There are a number of reasons why couples in Illinois decide to divorce, and in most cases, there are multiple causes for a separation. Counselors and other experts have identified marital issues that are more likely to lead to divorce. For example, some point out that contempt directed toward one spouse from the other is a key sign of a marriage that is on the road to an end. When people resent their spouses or look down on them, it can affect all of the interactions between the couple. Fundamentally, the spouses no longer like each other, and almost everything can be viewed through a negative light.

Dealing with a mortgage during divorce

Married Illinois couples who decide to split will likely have to resolve disputes regarding a range of issues, including child support and alimony. They may also find themselves having to address what should happen with the family home, which could be one of the most valuable assets they possess. In many situations, one spouse will take control of the home. However, it is important that both parties understand their options before a decision is made.

Communicating during a divorce to sell the home

For many divorcing couples in Illinois, selling their house is a major milestone during the divorce process. Selling the house means that they can start to take steps to prepare for their life after divorce, such as purchasing a new home. Some of the proceeds from the divorce may be used to cover debts or allow either party to care for other financial obligations.

Why older couples are divorcing at a greater rate

People in Illinois, like the rest of the country, are experiencing a worrying trend in marital relations. Though the divorce rate among the rest of the population is decreasing slightly, divorces among older couples are on the rise over the past 15 years or so. Divorce for people over the age of 50 has come to be known as grey divorce.

Lack of commitment and fighting among common divorce reasons

The good news for couples in Illinois is that divorce rates are on the decline. Still, there are times when legally wed individuals decide that it's better to end a marriage. A group of researchers recently collaborated to poll individuals who had previously participated in a prevention and relationship enhancement program before marrying. The study focused on the participants who ended up divorcing in order to determine the factors involved with their splits.

Seeking parental rights after a divorce

In Illinois and throughout the country, more courts are recognizing that fathers should play a role in their children's lives. However, it's still fairly common for mothers to win custody of a child after a divorce. Those who wish to have custody of their kids should be reasonable when creating a parenting plan. The plan should address any time or financial limitations that could make it harder to provide for a child.

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