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Domestic Violence Allegations Can Have Serious Consequences

Relationships can be volatile, especially during a divorce, and you may need protection from an abusive spouse. You may also be the victim of a false allegation of abuse. In either case, you need a lawyer who understands the system and how to help you successfully resolve your situation.

At Shawn H. Heffernan & Associates, P.C., we have over a decade of experience dealing with family law issues such as domestic violence. We know what to do to protect your rights in this difficult situation. We are proud to help people resolve difficult domestic situations throughout Cook County and the southwest Chicago suburbs.

We Can Help You Through This

There are several steps involved in a domestic violence allegation. In Illinois, it is not difficult to receive an order of protection: an accuser can obtain an emergency order of protection based on his or her testimony alone. The emergency order will last from 14 to 21 days. The judge will schedule a hearing to determine if the alleged victim needs a protection order of longer duration. The accused will be allowed to present his or her side at this hearing.

If you are accused of abuse, it’s important to seek an attorney’s help as soon as possible. A protection order can affect your life in many ways:

  • You may be ordered to move out of your home or apartment.
  • You could be barred from owning firearms or ammunition.
  • You could face custody and visitation difficulties.
  • You could have employment issues.
  • You may be put at a disadvantage for any divorce or child custody proceedings.

We Are Here To Represent Your Interests

Call us, and we can explain what you may be facing and what you should do to protect yourself. You can reach our Orland Park  office at 708-263-4574, or send us a message online today.