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A Prenuptial Agreement Can Make A Big Difference

As you prepare to get married, there are some legal steps that must be followed such as obtaining a marriage license. There are also some steps that are optional and one of those is arranging a prenuptial agreement.

You may think that a prenuptial agreement is unnecessary for you. Yet, it is important to remember that a prenuptial agreement can protect your financial interests if you have significant assets. If you have children from a prior marriage, it can also protect their interests.

Helping You Prepare For Any Eventuality

At Shawn H. Heffernan & Associates, P.C., we serve clients throughout Cook County and the southwest Chicago suburbs with a wide variety of family law needs. Because of that experience, we are able to devise prenuptial agreements designed to solve multiple issues that may come up, including:

  • Keeping one spouse’s family property in their family, even if they pass away
  • Designating support for any children from previous relationships
  • Outlining who will receive your assets if you die before your spouse
  • How household bills will be managed
  • How each spouse’s retirement benefits will be distributed
  • Management of shared credit card accounts

There is a misconception that prenuptial agreements are designed to protect you in a divorce. However, that is not their only purpose. Essentially, a prenup, or even a postnuptial agreement, can help you make arrangements for almost any event that may arise throughout your marriage. It is not only a tool in case you get divorced, but also meant to help smooth your marriage, and can be especially useful if you and your spouse have complex financial dealings.

A Lawyer Can Help You Protect Your Interests

Marriage is a big step, and a prenuptial agreement can help make sure that you are protected. To explore your options, give us a call. You can reach an attorney at our Orland Park office by calling 708-263-4574 or  sending us an email today.