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What Can I Expect In A Divorce?

Your assets, liabilities, needs, spending habits, living arrangements and schedules are unique. If you have children, their needs and schedules are unique. The one thing you can expect in divorce (dissolution of marriage) is that your experience will be different from that of anyone else.

You will want — and should have — an attorney who can give you the best advice for accomplishing your individual goals. Shawn H. Heffernan & Associates, P.C. will help you find the best solution for you and your family. That begins by understanding your options for divorce and determining how to proceed. Clients throughout Cook County and the southwest Chicago suburbs rely on us to listen to their needs, advocate for their rights and help them accomplish their goals in matters involving divorce.

You Have Options

In Illinois, you can have a contested or uncontested divorce. Below is a general explanation of these two options.

  • Uncontested: In an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse agree on all issues, including property division, maintenance and parenting responsibility. You can come to an agreement through negotiation or mediation, relying on the court to finalize the agreement. This option often costs less, takes less time and leaves the parties with more control over the outcome.
  • Contested: A judge makes decisions concerning major issues in a contested divorce. In situations in which spouses cannot agree, when one spouse feels as though they are at a disadvantage in negotiations or if there is a history of abuse, this may be the better option.

In some cases, a couple may choose a combination of both approaches. They may resolve most matters out of court, leaving only a few matters for a judge.

Talk To Our Lawyer About Your Divorce

The only advice you should rely on is that of an experienced attorney. Call us at 708-263-4574 to schedule a free initial consultation with our lawyer at our office in Orland Park. You may also send us your information, and we will contact you.